Indian cuisine is popular all around the world. It is healthy, tasty, and aromatic. The fragrance of Indian food is itself like a magnet that just automatically draws you towards it. 

Those sitting down for the first time might be overwhelmed with the relishing essence. The blend of different flavours like cardamom, turmeric, coriander, and chilli powder makes it an exceedingly unfamiliar palate to experience. 

Indian food is considered to be exceptional and special among many communities. Some even get astonished by its flavour and taste. The savouring dishes served with a beautiful presentation makes it all the more enticing. 

While many savor the taste of Indian food, researchers and scientist are instead trying to understand what makes it so special and delicious. Indian food is known for its special recipe and intoxicating spices. The sweet, sour, and spicy yummy flavours are hard to defy. 

So, what’s the real secret? 

While many discuss the spices that are unique to Indian delicacies, the secret goes down to the ingredients’ molecular levels. Indian food is accompanied by different ingredients like onion, tamarind, coconut, bay leaves, garlic, ginger, and others with spices. 

Each of the ingredients added shares a flavour compound. However, when the researchers studied more than 200 dishes, they found that Indian cuisines usually use ingredients whose flavours don’t overlap. Unlike in other parts of the world where the ingredients used usually overlap the other. Hence, the taste of food is much different and simpler. 

The researchers also found it interesting that any two ingredients that overlap are usually not used together while preparing an Indian dish. Thus, there is a special recipe with specific ingredients for every Indian dish. 

Another interesting fact is the way spices are mixed carefully. However, the spices used are also different for different dishes. Thus, making it unique. 

Great love adding to the flavours-

Well as we discuss the flavors of Indian food, apart from the findings, it is also interesting to notice how the food is prepared. Indian cuisines are prepared with great attention to detail like adding Indian spices, ingredients, and love.

Indians are very specific and do not like tampering with the recipe. If a particular dish has to be soaked, marinated and prepared, they would follow the routine. 

While some call it time-consuming or complex, Indians love to cook their food their way. They are great foodies and do not like any compromise on the quality of taste. They balance the spices to a perfect mature taste of each ingredient that you can appreciate.

Additionally, Indians are excessively fond of serving guests with their cuisine. They serve it with great warmth and pride, making the food tastier. 

 Thus, if you have not tried the Indian flavours yet you are surely missing out on a great deal of scientific and emotional experience. Curious now? You must certainly visit the Indian restaurant in Abbotsford for a life-changing food experience. 

You never know it might just become your favourite cuisine for life!