Food is essentially one of the most enjoyable things about travelling. You can treat your tastebuds to a wide variety of cuisines from across the world. For foodies, a tour is barely complete without tasting various dishes. Abbotsford BC houses plenty of well-known restaurants where you can enjoy quality food and a pleasant dining experience. You may taste a variety of cuisines while visiting the place. At Gian’s, we offer quality Indian dishes that food lovers would relish.

Here is an Indian food guide to help you find the most delicious Indian dishes

Sea food:

Essentially, seafood is one of the specialties in Abbotsford BC. With various cuisines leaving their impact in this region, tourists get to enjoy an impressive variety of seafood. You might want to try out some of the mouthwatering Indian seafood dishes. Prawn kormas, Goa prawn curry, curry chilli fish, fish curry and prawn jalfrazi are some of the best options.


The term pakora refers to an entire range of items rather than a particular dish. A pakora is basically a fried snack, with gram flour being the usual ingredient for the crust. Depending on the type of pakora, it might contain vegetables, fish, meat or prawn. You may eat pakoras with other dishes, as a starter or even as simple snacks.


One of the most popular snacks in India, samosas are delicious crispy pyramids with a rich filling inside them. While the filling traditionally consists of potatoes and peas, chicken samosas are quite mouthwatering as well. The variety of spices present in a samosa adds to its taste and aroma.


Another popular dish that you could try either as a snack or as a part of a meal, Kababs are extremely delicious and flavorful. The preparation process involves marination in spices or chutneys, which helps to create a distinguished aroma and taste. You may try various forms of kabab, such as seekh kabab, malai kabab, mint chicken kabab, Afghani kabab, etc.

Indian bread:

Even when it comes to bread, you can enjoy an amazing variety of choices. An Indian food guide would be incomplete without the mention of roti, naan, paratha, and other delicious types of bread. You may even try out exotic variations of Indian bread, such as lacha paratha stuffed with butter, naan stuffed with tandoori chicken or minced lamb, etc.


Another integral part of the Indian cuisine is Biriyani. This heavenly dish consists of high-grade rice, aromatic spices and tender meat. Based on your preferences, you may try out lamb biriyani, chicken biriyani, goat biriyani, prawn biriani, etc. Vegetarian foodies would want to try the delicious vegetable biriyani at least once.

Chicken dishes:

Chicken finds its place in some of the most popular and delicious Indian dishes. There are multiple chicken-based Indian dishes that come enriched with exotic spices. Curry chilli chicken, chicken vindaloo, palak chicken, butter chicken and kadai chicken are only a few of the various chicken-based dishes that you should treat your tastebuds with.

Lamb servings:

If you love tender and delicious lamb meat, you would want to try the various lamb-based dishes in the Indian cuisine. Dishes such as Goa lamb curry, lamb bhuna, lamb curry, lamb jalfrazi, etc. come with beautiful aromas and tastes. The right blend of spices can really make lamb meat an unforgettable treat.
The leading Indian cuisine restaurants also offer plenty of side dishes and other main courses. This Indian food guide should help you get an idea of what to expect and choose your menu. If you are craving for Indian Food then book a table or Order Online. You can call us at
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