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Welcome to Gian’s Indian Cuisine!

“Voted Best Indian cuisine by our customers in the Fraser Valley”

We have a wide variety of delicious selections for you to enjoy. We have hired authentic Indian chefs who are trained to cook in a traditional Indian style. As per Indian tradition, we employ both a curry and tandoori chef. We bring Indian Cuisine with a wide variety of delicious selections for you to enjoy and help you with an unforgettable taste experience.

We would like to thank you for making us an A-list restaurant over the past few years, and the number one Indian restaurant in Abbotsford, as voted by our customers!

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full of spicy and succulent tikkas, crispy pakodas and chaats that go along with refreshing and chutneys.

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No Indian feast is complete without rice, dhal, bhajis, saag aloo and naan

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Vegetarian Entrees

Chock full of flavor, these meatless meals leave nothing behind. Dahl, paneer, eggplant, and more!

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Non Vegetarian Entrees

Indian non-vegetarian curries are simply class apart. Their rich and spicy flavour along with luscious texture is popular around the world

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Tandoori Flavours

Absolutely juicy & flavourful, Indian tandoori spices are rich in flavours

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Breads From The Tandoor

Fresh and soft, handcrafted perfectly to give you a taste experience

Vegetable Pakora $7.00

Assorted Vegetables Light Batered & Deep Fried

Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) $3.00

Delicate Thin Pastry Safed wih Potatoes, Peas & Spies

Meat Samosa (2 pcs) $4.00

A Thin Paty Sted wit Ground Chicken & Spices

Chilli Paneer (Dry) $11.00

Homemade Cheese tossed in with Fresh Bell Peppers & Onions

Stuffed Paneer Pakora $7.00

Homemade cheese stuffed with Tomatoes & Spices then deep fried

Chicken Pakora $12.00

Chicken Marinated in Yougurt, Ginger, Garlic, Tandoori Sauce & Deep Fried

Fish Pakora $12.00

Cod Marinated in Yougurt, Ginger, Garlic, Tandoori sause & Deep fried

Prawn Pakora $13.00

Prawn marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic tandoori sauce & deep-fried

Chilly Prawn $14.00

Prawns sauteed in a fresh bell peppers & onions

Chili Chicken Dry$13.00

Lightly battered chicken sauteedin with Afresh basil bell peppers & onions

Vegetable Manchurian $10.00

Spring Roll $8.00

Garlic Prawn $16.00

Fish Tikka $16.00

A Perfect Fillet Cubed & Marinated for You in Our Special Blend of Tandoori Spices

Prawn Tikka $16.00

Prawns Marinated in a Succulent Garlic & Ginger Sauce

Afghani Kabab $15.00

Tender Chicken Breast Marinated in Giana’s Tantilizing Turmeric Sauce

Chicken Tikka $15.00

Boneless Chicken Thighs Marinated in Tandoori Spices

Seekh Kabab $15.00

Ground lamb mixed with melody of spices

Mint Chicken Kabab$15.00

Boneless chicken breast marinated in mint chutney

Paneer Tikka$15.00

Homemade Cheese, lightly marinated in Heavenly Blend of Spices, skewered with Fresh Vegetables

Malai Kabab$15.00

Tender chicken breast marinated in yogurt spices

Mint Panner Tikka $15.00

Boneless chicken breast marinated in mint chutney

Raita $4.00

Yogurt with fried chickpea droplets

Pickles $1.50

Veggie Raita $4.50

Assorted diced vegetables mixed in yogurt

Onions $2.00


Pickled Carrots $2.00

Garden Salad $4.00

Daal Makhni$12.50

Lentils cooked in a delicious blend of spices & cream

Daal tadka $12.00

Lentils Cooked with onions, tomatoes, turmeric & cayenne Pepper

Chana Masala $12.50

Chickpeas Cooked in Curry Sauce with Homemade Cheese

Cheese Tomato $13.00

Homemade Cheese Cooked with Fresh Tomatoes in a Curry Sauce

Palak paneer $13.00

Fresh Spinach with homemade cheese & gians blend of spices

Kadai Paneer $13.00

sauteed bell pepper & onions tossed into a creamy gravy with cheese

Shahi Paneer $13.00

Homemade cheese cooked in a creamy tomatoes sause & spices

Malai kofta $13.00

Fresh Homemade Cheese balls in a cheese curry sause

Mutter Panner $13.00

Fresh Spinach with Homemade Cheese & Gian’s Blend of Spices

Bhindi Masala $13.00

Fresh Okra Pan Fried in a Special Blend of Spices with Sauteed Onions

Mixed vegetables$13.00

Fresh vegetables cooked in gian’s special sauces

Aloo Ghobi $13.00

cauliflower & potatoes cooked in gian’s curry sauces

Palak Mushroom$13.00

Fresh mushrooms cooked with spinach in a curry sauce

Veggies navratan korma $13.00

Mixed vegetables cooked in a creamy coconut curry sauce


Grilled eggplant cooked with sauteed onions & tomatoe

Mushroom Makhni$13.00

Sauteed mushrooms with curried cream sauce

Butter Chicken$13.50

Boneless chicken cooked in a mouth watering sauce of yogurt, tomato, cream and heavenly spices

Chicken Curry $13.00

Boneless chicken cooked in a special sauce with spices

Palak Chicken $13.50

Boneless Chicken Cooked in Fresh Spinach & Gian’s Spices

Chicken Dopiaza $13.50

Boneless Chicken Cooked in Gian’s Special Sauce with Perfectly Sauteed Onions

Goa Chicken Curry$13.50

Tender pieces of chicken breast in Glen’s coconut curry

Chicken jalfrazi $14.00

Juicy Chicken Breast Tenders in Gian’s Aromatic Spices with Bell Peppers & Onions

Chicken Vindaloo$14.00

boneless chicken marinated in red chilli vinegar paste & cooked in curry sauces with potatoes

Curry chilli chicken $14.00

Boneless chicken cooked with mushrooms , green pepper

Chicken Korma$14.00

Boneless chicken cooked in a delicious cream sauces with hint of coconut & cashew

Kadai chicken $14.00

Sauteed bell pepper & onions tossed with boneless chicken breast & curry sauce

Murg Masala$14.50

Chicken marinated with tandoori spices tossed in a cury sauce with sauteed onions

Goat Curry$13.50

Tender goat pieces cooked with gian’s spices (bone in)

Lamb Curry $14.00

Boneless Tender Lamb cooked in curry sauce & spices

Lamb Korma $13.00

Boneless lamb cooked in gian’s special sauces with cashew & coconut

Lamb vindaloo $15.00

Lamb marinated with in red chilli vinegar paste, cooked in curry sauce with potatoes

Hayerabadi Lamb $13.00

Lamb In curry sauce with sauteed spices (Bone in) bell peppers & onions

Goa Goat Curry $14.00

Bone in goat pieces of cooked Gian’s coconut curry

Lamb Jalfrazi$14.00

Lamb cooked In Gian’s aromatic spices Win bell peppers & onions

Goat Vindaloo $14.00

Goat marinated in red chili vinegar paste & cooked In a curry sauce with potatoes

Palak Lamb $14.00

Boneless Lamb cooked in fresh spinach & Gian’s sauce

Lamb Bhuna $15.00

Tender Iamb tossed with fried anions & tomatoes

Prawn Masala $15.00

Prawns cooked in Gian’s curry sauce with onions

Goa Prawn Curry$15.00

Prawn in Gian’s coconut curry

Prawn Jalfrazi$15.00

Prawns cooked in Gian’s aromatic spices with bell peppers & onions

Fish Curry$15.00

Boneless fish cooked in a curry sauce with spices

Curry Chilli Fish $15.00

Juicy pieces of cod cooked with mushroom green peppers & onions

Prawn Vindaloo$15.00

Juicy Prawns marinated in red chilli vinegar paste & cooked in a curry sauce with potatoes

Goa Fish Curry $15.00

Cod in Gian’s Coconut Curry

Prawn Curry $14.00

Prawns cooked with spices in curry sauce

Prawn Korma$15.00

Prawns cooked in a delicious cream sauce with a hint of coconut

Pan Fried


Pan fried unleavened flat bread

Plain Paratha $3.00

Roti layered in butter

Butter Naan$3.00

Naan Stuffed with butter

Keema Naan $4.00

Naan stuffed with minced lamb

Chicken Naan$4.00

Naan stuffed with Tandoori chicken

Gluten Free Roti $2.00

Tandoor Oven

Naan $1.50

Leavened bread


Wheat flour made in tandoor oven

Lasooni Naan $2.50

Made with garlic and cilantro

Lacha Paratha$3.00

Stuffed with butter

Basamati Rice$5.00

Rice cooked with mixed vegetables

Vegetable Biryani $12.00

Assorted Curried Vegetables mixed into rice & fried

Chicken Biryani $13.00

Juicy curried chicken tossed into fried rice

Lamb Biryani$13.50

Tender cubes of lamb tossed into onion fried rice

Goat Biryani $13.50

Tender pieces of goat tossed into onion fried rice

Prawn Biryani$15.00

Prawns cookedd in yogurt with basmati rice Goat Biryani

Faludo Ice Cream $3.50

Faluda is an Indian version of a cold dessert made with noodles.

Gulab jaman $3.00

Assorted Curried Vegetables mixed into rice & fried

Gajrela $3.00

Warm Carrot Pudding

Fruit Cream$3.00

Fruit Flovour Ice-Cream

Ras Malai $3.00

Fruit Flovour Ice-Cream with Milk & Topped with Pistachios

Mango Ice Cream$3.00

Mango Flavour Ice-Cream


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