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With a focus on fast, convenient and easy takeout options, at Gian’s Express, you get a wide variety of Appetizers, Tandoori, Vegetarian Entrees, Non-vegetarian Entrees, Rice, Indian Sweet dishes, Desserts and a lot more!

We are also known for serving the famous Indian Chaats like Dhai Bhalle and Gol Gappe! Our flavorful Indian spices, special Gian’s sauces and our signature dishes are something to look forward to! Come visit us at Gian’s Express or give us a call and have your pick up hot and fresh, ready-to-go!


Vegetable Pakora $8.00

Assorted Vegetables Light Batered & Deep Fried

Vegetable Samosa (1 pcs) $1.35

Delicate Thin Pastry Safed wih Potatoes, Peas & Spies

Meat Samosa (1 pcs) $1.75

A Thin Paty Sted wit Ground Chicken & Spices

Chilli Paneer (Dry) $12.00

Homemade Cheese tossed in with Fresh Bell Peppers & Onions

Stuffed Paneer Pakora $8.00

Homemade cheese stuffed with Tomatoes & Spices then deep fried

Chicken Pakora $12.00

Chicken Marinated in Yougurt, Ginger, Garlic, Tandoori Sauce & Deep Fried

Fish Pakora $13.00

Cod Marinated in Yougurt, Ginger, Garlic, Tandoori sause & Deep fried

Wings $11.00

Hot, Teriyaki, Honey chilli, BBQ

Chole Bhature $7.62

2pcs of Bhature serve with chole, chat, onion deep fried

Chaat $8.00

Small balls made with channa flour deep fried dipped in homemade yogurt, chatni & spices

Gole Gappe(8 pcs) $7.00

Served with spicy water, diced onion & potatoes.

Aloo Tikki $8.00

Boiled 2 Potatoes, Crushed & stuffed with spice & fried

Aloo tikki chat $8.00

Boiled Potatoes, Crushed & stuffed with spice & friedthen covered in homemade yogurt & spice sause

Stuffed Paratha (2pcs) $10

Any 2 parathas and dhai, pickles(choose from potato, gobi, mooli)

Samosa Plate $7.50

2 samosa with channa and chutney

Spring roll $8.00

Chilli Chicken $13.00

Boneless chicken tossed in with bell papers and onions

Dahi bhalle $6.50

lantils fried & dipped in yogurt

Veg Manchurian $12

Haryali Chicken Kabab $14.00

Boneless Chicken Bresst Marinatd in Mint Chutney

Chicken Tikka $14.00

Boneless Chicken Thighs Marinated in Tandoori Spices

Seekh Kabob $14.00

Ground Lamb Mixed with a Melody of Spices

Paneer Tikka $14.00

Paneer Marinated in Gian’s spiced Yogust Skewered with Bell Peppers & Onions

Fish Tikka $14.00

A perfect fillet cubed & Marinated for you in our Special blend of tandoori spices

Jafrani Kabab $14.00

With Safron Flavoured and Contains Cashewnut

Malai Soya Chaap $15.00

Soya chaap cooked into creamy and mild flavoured sauce

Achari Soya Chaap $15.00

A blend of pickling spices goes into marinated sauce giving a rocking flavour to the soya

Tandoori Chicken (4pcs.) $12.00

Garden Salad $5.00

Pickles $2.00

Onions $2.00

Pickled Carrots $3.00

Veggie Raita $5.00

Assorted diced vegetables mixed in yogurt

Dal Makhni$12.50

Lentils cooked in a delicious blend of spices & cream

Dal tarka $12.50

Lentils Cooked with onions, tomatoes, turmeric & cayenne Pepper

Palak paneer $13.00

Fresh Spinach with homemade cheese & gians blend of spices

Kadai Paneer $13.00

sauteed bell pepper & onions tossed into a creamy gravy with cheese

Matter Paneer $13.00

Paneer and peas cooked in a tomato-based sauce spiced with chef's special masala

Soya Chaap Masala $15.00

A unique and full of protein rich indian curry made with chef's special masala

Bhindi Dopiaza $14.00

Fresh okra pan-fried with a blend of species with sauteed onions

Chef's Special Paneer Tikka Masala $15.00

Shahi Paneer $13.00

Homemade cheese cooked in a creamy tomatoes sause & spices

Malai kofta $13.00

Fresh Homemade Cheese balls in a cheese curry sause

Mixed vegetables$13.00

Fresh vegetables cooked in gian’s special sauces

Aloo Ghobi $13.00

cauliflower & potatoes cooked in gian’s curry sauces

Curry Chole $10.00

Curried chickpeas

Veggies navratan korma $14.00

Mixed vegetables cooked in a creamy coconut curry sauce


Grilled eggplant cooked with sauteed onions & tomatoe

Butter Chicken$13.50

Boneless chicken cooked in a mouth watering sauce of yogurt, tomato, cream and heavenly spices

Chicken Curry $13.50

Boneless chicken cooked in a special sauce with spices

Chicken Vindaloo$14.00

boneless chicken marinated in red chilli vinegar paste & cooked in curry sauces with potatoes

Curry chilli chicken $14.00

Boneless chicken cooked with mushrooms , green pepper

Chicken Korma$13.50

Boneless chicken cooked in a delicious cream sauces with hint of coconut & cashew

Kadai chicken $14.00

Sauteed bell pepper & onions tossed with boneless chicken breast & curry sauce

Murg Masala$14.00

Chicken marinated with tandoori spices tossed in a cury sauce with sauteed onions

Goat Curry$14.00

Tender goat pieces cooked with gian’s spices (bone in)

Lamb Curry $14.00

Boneless Tender Lamb cooked in curry sauce & spices

Lamb Korma $14.00

Boneless lamb cooked in gian’s special sauces with cashew & coconut

Lamb vindaloo $14.00

Lamb marinated with in red chilli vinegar paste, cooked in curry sauce with potatoes

Palak Lamb $14.00

Boneless Lamb cooked in fresh spinach & Gian’s sauce

Prawn Curry $15.00

Juicy Prawns cooked with spices in a curry sauce

Prawn Vindaloo$15.00

Juicy Prawns marinated in red chilli vinegar paste & cooked in a curry sauce w/ potatoes

Prawn Korma$15.00

Prawns cooked in a delicious cream sauce with a hint of coconut

Pan Fried


Kneaded white flour and fried in a pan

Gluten Free Roti $2.00

Tandoor Oven

Naan $1.75

Kneaded flour & Baked in tandoor

Lasooni Naan $2.50

Naan with Fresh garlic & cilantro

Butter Naan $3.00

Butter Stuffed Naan

Kreema naan $4.00

Naan stuffed with mince lamb meat

Chicken Stuffed Naan $4.00

Naan stuffed with tandoori chicken

Basamati Rice$5.00

Rice cooked with mixed vegetables

Vegetable Biryani $10.00

Assorted Curried Vegetables mixed into rice & fried

Chicken Biryani $13.00

Juicy curried chicken tossed into fried rice

Lamb Biryani$13.00

Tender cubes of lamb tossed into onion fried rice

Goat Biryani $13.00

Tender pieces of goat tossed into onion fried rice

Mix Sweets $8.00 Lb

Regular Laddo$5.00 Lb.

Moti Shoor Laddo $6.00 Lb

Khoya Bharfi $10.00 Lb

Kaju Barfi $10.00 Lb

Milk Cake $10.00 Lb

Kalakand $10.00 Lb

Khas-Khas Pinni $9.50 Lb

Rasgulle $8.00 Lb

Gulab Jamun $8.00 Lb

Filled Gulab Jamun $9.00 Lb

Gajar Pak $8.00 Lb

Chocolate Barfi $7.00 Lb

Patisa $7.50 Lb

Basen $7.50 Lb

Mutter $6.00 Lb

Mathiyan $5.50 Lb

Baddanna $6.00 Lb

Bhujia$5.00 Lb

Assorted Namkeen $6.00 Lb

Combo A$13.00

Shaahi Paneer, Dal Makhni, Rice, Naan, Salad

Combo B$14.00

Shaahi Paneer, Butter Chicken, Rice, Naan, Salad

Combo C $15.00

Butter Chicken, Curry Chicken, Rice ,Naan, Salad

Dinner for 2 $39.99

Butter chicken, aloo gobhi, 2 naan, 2 vegetable samosa, 1 rice and 2 papdums

Dinner for 4 $79.99

Butter chicken, lamb curry, dal makhni, Fish pakora, Mix vegetable, rice, 4 naan & vegetable pakora

Gulab Jamun $3.00


Gajrela $4.00

Pop $2.00

Lassi $4.00

Mango Shake $4.00

Pop 500 ml $3.25

Masala Tea $2.50

Bottled Water $1.25

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