There is a proverb that states, "The ocean is full of mysteries." One of the benefits of being a foodie is that you may enjoy seafood. First of all, seafood provides you with the vital nutrition you need for daily life. Additionally, there are many different seafood recipes you can try, and seafood is delectable and mouthwatering. 

When served in the Indian style, seafood gets exceptionally tasty. Indian seafood dishes have a wide range of distinct flavours. The unique blend of spices that are used in each dish in Indian cuisine is what makes it so delicious. Indian cooks spend hours crafting each dish to obtain the ideal texture and ensure that the flavours don't clash. Indian seafood meals can easily overload your unaccustomed palate since they are frequently cooked with large doses of tamarind, cardamon, cayenne, curries, complex flavour pairings, and other spices.  

However, whether you've never been there or are simply seeking to sample some seafood delights, keep reading to learn about five meals you simply must try when visiting Gian's Indian Restaurant in Abbotsford, Vancouver.

  • Chilly Prawn

No more looking through the menu in search of a hot and crunchy aquatic starter. If you enjoy spiciness and crunch in your appetisers, Chilly Prawn will be your clear favourite. A spicy concoction of batter-fried crispy prawns, many sauces, and fresh greens will undoubtedly become one of your favourite appetisers to enjoy in a restaurant. Without a doubt, if you enjoy Chinese cuisine, you will adore this absolutely unique approach to prawns! Therefore, the next weekend, if you’re planning to dine out with your family, be sure to serve them this delectable, wholesome Prawn Chilli!  

  • Fish Tikka

Delicious, zesty, and bursting with flavor. An incredibly well-liked dish from the north of India is tandoori fish tikka. This delicacy is prepared with the use of a tandoori oven or other cooking tools. Boneless chunks of chicken are marinated in delicious seasonings and then grilled on high heat for the best outcome of flavours.  

  • Goa Fish Curry

Everyone agrees that eating more fish is a good idea because it is healthy. So now that it comes in the style of the mouthwatering curry meal known as Goa Fish Curry, you have an exciting reason to eat it. Goa Fish Curry is a fish curry that is warm, spicy, and tangy and is full of tastes from the seaside. Give your taste buds a delight by serving this delicious Goa fish curry with some hot steamed rice. We assure you that this curry is very unique and that you will adore it because of its flavour. 

  • Prawn Jalfrazi

This recipe was created for you if you are a seafood enthusiast, especially prawns. Once you try it, the dish "prawn Jalfrezi" will undoubtedly become one of your favourites. This dish includes ingredients such as onions, garlic cloves, cumin seeds, tomatoes, chilli flakes, honey, and prawns. Ground aromatic spices such as turmeric powder and coriander powder are also added. This meal can be served as the main course at gatherings like kitty parties and birthday parties, and you can enjoy it with your friends and family. This weekend, enjoy this tantalisingly rich meal at Gian's Indian Restaurant in Abbotsford with hot steamed rice for an even richer flavour. 

  • Butter Chicken

Rich, creamy and satisfying. A very simple yet exquisite prawn delicacy. The delicious, intense flavour of this curry absorbs right into the prawns, making them incredibly juicy and soft. The fresh herbs and spices give the sauce that extra edge in flavour, while the creamy coconut works wonderfully to give it a silky smooth texture without adding too many calories. This recipe can make your day if you're preparing to eat anything in prawns for your upcoming dine-out. 

If you are craving the comfort of seafood, we are here in Abbotsford to fulfil your seafood dreams. You now know where to go the next time you feel like bingeing on a lot of seafood.

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