Indian cuisine is one of the most liked and loved cuisines worldwide. One thing about Indian cuisine and food that cannot be ignored is the Sweet delicacies! They're more than just a delicacy - they're a true staple of the Indian diet. Every event, no matter how big or small, ends with the bliss of a sweet dish. It's got to be love at first sight.

Most People undoubtedly are surprised to find that Indian sweets offer a wide range of tastes, which is why they are very popular amongst people who enjoy their sweet tooth. Whether you are looking for a perfect evening with family at home or an evening with friends to chill in a restaurant, Indian sweets will ensure that your sense of taste buds get extremely happy.

So do you have any upcoming occasion or celebration you will be a part of? It is a delight to know that we can select from an extensive collection of Indian sweets and Indian desserts. Take a sneak peek at this beautiful shop, and you will see why people say Gian’s Sweet Shop comes highly recommended in Abbotsford, BC and the surrounding areas.  

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Why You Should Visit Gian's Indian Cuisine in Abbotsford BC

Gian's Sweet Shop, one of the well-known Indian sweet shops in Abbotsford, does not compromise on ingredients or production techniques because we do not think anything less than the finest ingredients and time-tested techniques can yield a product of the standard that we promise. We have served our sweets and snacks at small and large gatherings like weddings, festivals, and public events. Our team is well-informed about the market for snacks and sweets in Canada.
Gian's Sweet Shop offers only the best sweets and snacks because we have extensive experience in this field. Our staff members are enthusiastic about providing excellent customer service and assisting customers in their decisions, and our professional confectioners have experience crafting delights from different regions of the subcontinent. Here is the gist of some sweet delicacies from our collection that can blow your mind.  

Items From Our Collection

  • 1. Gulab Jamun

If you were to conduct a survey among Indians and ask them to name their favourite Indian sweet dish, the most well-known and adored dessert would undoubtedly be "GULAB JAMUN." Every holiday and special occasion in India features this traditional dessert as the main attraction. Not only in India but also here in Canada, people adore this delectable dish. In fact at Gian’s Sweet Shop, orders for gulab jamun are typically placed more frequently. This sweet dish adds style to any gathering and is quite delightful. 

  • 2. Motichoor Ladoo

A sweet dish with a spherical form called a Motichoor Ladoo is made of tiny, delicate besan balls. The globules of chickpea flour are fried in ghee or oil and then covered in sugar syrup. Then Ladoos are created by moulding the delicious, pearl-like balls. Although Motichur Ladoo is thought to have originated in the Northern part of the country, it is a favourite across the world. Since the term "motichoor" literally means "crushed pearls," we don't think there is a better word for the treat. 

  • 3. Barfi

The super delicious, melt-in-mouth treat. Barfi is a milk-based Indian dessert that is usually exchanged as a sweet gift on special occasions or events like weddings, birthdays, and holidays. 

  • 4. Jalebis

Jalebis are regarded as the pinnacle of the numerous delicious Indian sweets around the world. Did you know? Jalebi is the national sweet dish of India. Any time of day, any season, and any event can be used to appreciate it. Nothing short of an olfactory ecstasy can describe the sensation of melting cold rabdi into a hot jalebi in your mouth. Nobody refuses to consume jalebi, whether it is eaten with milk, curd, or just by itself.  

  • 5. Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa, one of the most well-known Indian desserts, is thought to have originated from Punjab. It is a delightful treat during the winter, and No ceremony or occasion is fulfilled without having Gajar ka Halwa as a part of it. Milk, sugar, almonds, and grated carrots are combined and heated. This is a fantastic option to satisfy your post-meal dessert cravings because it contains a ton of nuts and smooth velvety carrot pudding. 

These Indian desserts are commonly created at Gian's sweet shop in Abbotsford, BC, for various joyous occasions and days when you just want to forget about diet plans and binge on a bowl of gulab jamuns or halwa. And there cannot be anything sweeter than an Indian sweet shop!
Indian sweets are sure to put a smile on your face! If you've never been to Gian's Sweet Shop in Abbotsford, BC, it's time to rethink your choices!
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